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Wing Wah Toys

To offer the best for our next generation, Wing Wah Toys & Games Company Limited develop the collection of the high-end traditional doll accessories line. "Mommy & Babe" is a recognizable symbol for a bond of love. This is totally matched with our company mission. 

"Mommy & Babe" branded doll accessories are vital in endorsing kid's growth and learning. We believe that 'fun to learn' and 'grow up with fun' are the most natural way for the kids to explore this adult world.

Vintage Pram:

Code: 22-13131-01

Comes in Bue or Pink.

Dimensions: 82.2cm L x 32.5cm W x 73cm H

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Basic Stroller

Code: 22-11005-30

33.5cm L x 28.5cm W x 49cm H


.Trendy Fabric

. Double Handle For Easy Push Action 

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Twin three wheel Jogger:

Code: 22-12042-46

Dimensions: 46.5cm L x 40cm W x 69.5cm H