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The Battle Zone series offer a great range of Military Playsets.


Products carry authentic details, action figures, and additional play pieces

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Electronic Military Island

Includes 2 pc die-cast aircraft, 1 pc die-cast helicopter, 1 pc die-cast tank, 2 pc military trucks, 46 pc soldiers and additional play pieces. 2 AA batteries included.

Code 76775

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Tank Commando Centre

Transforms between Tank and platform. Includes 2 pc posable action figures and military vehicles.

Code 78043

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31" Aircraft Carrier

Includes 4 pc die-cast fighters


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AH-64 Apache Longbow

Realistic highly-detailed helicopter. Includes 2 pc posable action figures and additional play pieces


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Black Hawk Helicopter

Authentic highly-detailed helicopter. Includes 3 pc posable action figures and additional

 play pieces


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F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet

Authentic highly-detailed jet. Includes 1 pc posable action figure and rockets


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19" Transport Aircraft

Includes 2 pc micro die-cast vehicles


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9" Die-Cast Battleship

Includes 1 pc micro helicopter

Code 76786

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9" USS Independence (CV62)

Includes 5 pc micro aircraft

Code 76787

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26" Battleship

Includes 4 pc die-cast fighters, 2 pc military vehicles and 6 soldiers

Code 76794